St John Ambulance Medium First Aid Kit | 2021 | NATIONALLY OH&S WH&S COMPLIANT

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The St John Ambulance Medium Product Family Leisure Kit includes an extensive range of first aid equipment for a wider range of more serious injuries in and out of the home and at the workplace. Fold-out pouches keep contents organised, providing easy access in an emergency. Suitable for a day at the beach or a BBQ at home, through to outdoor holidays, camping and adventures both on the road and in the playground.

St Johns Medium Product Family Leisure First Aid Kit meets and exceeds national OH&S WH&S compliance legislation surrounding mandatory first aid kit requirements for all Australian workplaces.

PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN REACTION! Supply your workplace with a compliant First Aid Kit/s to keep all your staff Safe at Work and more importantly, to avoid costly + damaging litigation cases against you as a result of not having a required First Aid Kit available in your workplace.


  • Comprehensive First Aid supplies in conveniently organised fold-out, mesh pockets
  • Highly visible, soft, durable and water resistant.
  • Additional swabs, bandages and personal protection equipment.
  • Product tested by 10,000 Australian volunteers each year.


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