Kids Sensory motion Rocker Chair

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  • ✅COMFORTABLE AND LONG LASTING: The motion sensory rocking chair is made of a durable PU leather upholstery over a comfortable foam material, making things durable and comfortable.
  • ✅RELAX AND SOOTHING: The chair has a rocking base that allows for soothing back and forth motion. After a long day, let your child relax on this great chair.
  • ✅BEST PLACE IN THE HOUSE: Rocking chair is an excellent place for any kids to play! From watching movies to playing games, or even doing homework, this kids armchair will quickly become your child’s favorite spot
  • ✅EVERYTHING AT AN ARMS REACH: there are two large pockets on the side of the kids chair, perfect for storing remotes, books, magazines, and more.
  • ✅EASY AS IT IS COMFORTABLE: cleaning up after your kids can be frustrating, but the PU fabric makes clean up an absolute breeze. Simply take a wet cloth and wipe the kids recliner to clean up any mess.


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